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Joseph Campbell coined the term: Follow your bliss. This is the quote that I wish to live my life by. The creative process (of receiving inspired ideas, writing them down, and then bringing them into the world of form) is my bliss. There is nothing that brings me greater satisfaction in life. Ideas, for my stories, have come to me (like magic) in moments of pure inspiration. Along with the inspired ideas is a knowing that writing these Fairytales and Nursery Rhymes for the New Earth is my calling. My books carry within them this inspired energy and magic, opening minds and hearts to the power of consciousness, the unseen forms of consciousness such as the elemental beings, and the magic and wonder of the universe.

Einstein said: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” I too am a passionate believer in the importance of imagination. It is my wish that my books will help to spark children’s imaginations.

Attention Please!

By Melissa Burtenshaw


A book about the power of creativity and art and the importance of the imagination.


A rhyming story about one child's struggles to pay attention at school. Instead of listening to her teacher, her imagination takes her on a magical journey to another land beyond the classroom. What will bring her attention back?














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The Unknown World

By Melissa Burtenshaw


In the world of unknown creatures,
I wonder what you'll find.
Perhaps the unknown creatures
will open up your mind.

This simple poem in the form of an illustrated picture book can be used as an opening in which to discuss philosophy with children aged 6 to 8 years old. Such topics for discussion could be: Quantum physics and parallel worlds created through thought. Perhaps this book could provoke some questions for the children of the New Earth, such as: What exists beyond the five senses? Can we create another world using the power of our thoughts?