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Melissa Burtenshaw

Author/Illustrator - Fairytales and Nursery Rhymes for a New Earth -Channel for Creativity - Dream weaver - Qigong Teacher 


My Offerings to The Collective...

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Hi Dreamers, 

I'm Melissa - a dream weaver for the collective consciousness and a channel for creativity. 

It is my purpose to inspire others to follow their dreams by channeling their own creativity. I lead by example by following my dreams. I'm a creative, a dreamer and a peaceful warrior of the light. By day I follow my creative passions, and by night I walk the dreamworlds, dreaming a world of peace into being.


Creation is what makes my soul sing and I love to to help others to access their own uniqueness and creativity, through creative writing, dreams and energy work.

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Love and Peace

Melissa Burtenshaw